Our document routing solution controls the movement of documents around a selected business process. It adds powerful, intuitive workflow to your system by re-creating and enhancing your existing business processes electronically. Documents can be distributed to the right people, on time, every time, without the need to leave their desk !

Transferring the headache of workflow issues like purchase invoice authorisation or post distribution into our solution eliminates the inefficiencies of a physical paper trail. Once the system has been set-up to accommodate your particular business flow, our solution will automatically track and manage all documents flowing around the system, giving key users the ability to action documents with immediate effect - dramatically increasing overall productivity.

For example : Users on the network can be notified of the arrival of relevant documents by a simple pop-up window on their desktop. The user can then perform a task with the document - authorization, check for accuracy, compare with an associated document and even add a true handwritten electronic signature via a tablet. Once the task is complete the document can be passed on through the business process for its next stage.

Our solution offers a powerful and flexible workflow solution to every organisation by empowering users to deal with the documents that matter to them - quickly, easily and efficiently.


  • Users on the network can be notified of the arrival of relevant documents by a simple pop-up window on their desktop.

  • Enables documents to be manually or automatically delivered to key staff.

  • Users can perform simple or complex actions on documents such as authorisation, forwarding or nominal coding.

  • Can be used over your LAN or WAN, and even through your web browser for total intranet and Internet flexibility.

  • Fully automated tracking and reporting of all document events, illustrating the stages of completion of a transaction around the network, including match and exception reports.

  • Intuitive systems design gives users total control of their own workflow environment from a single screen.

  • Increases overall efficiency by reducing time-wasting, paper handling costs and improving cash flow.

All key functions are available from a single screen, which is both powerful and intuitive. At a glance, users can see the document text, the document image and crucially, all the key events that have taken place for that document.

Customers can design the system to suit their own particular business processes. A powerful graphical interface gives total control over the workflow environment ensuring that routes can be built and modified, as the business requires.

Rich functionality ensures fast, efficient workflow over the network, intranet and even the Internet - with all document events being tracked, managed and reported on by the system.


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