What is it?

In simple terms, the product allows company employees to make calls from branch to Head Office and Branch-to-Branch sites, Free of Charge, regardless of what country they are in. This is because the product utilises the existing data connections from site to site. For example, if a company uses e-mail from site to site, then they'll have a data connection in place. Instead of the calls being routed over the public telephone network at a cost of Xp per minute, they are routed over these existing data connections at no cost to the company.

Benefits of IP Telephony - The Technology

  • No Cost Routing
  • Save 1000's a year on company call charges, as per the Fanestra Case Study
  • IP Network independent, e.g. ADSL, Frame Relay, Leased Line, Internet
  • Low Bandwidth Consumption
  • Main Features of the VOIP Gateway
  • High Voice Quality - Achieved using patent-pending algorithms which ensure delivery and maximum Quality of Service
  • Reliability - Black box technology no moving or serviceable parts
  • Ease of Installation and Maintenance - Intelligent Management Solution, Global updates to all Gateways with centralised browser based management
  • Fast ROI - Gateways start at 1299*, ROI maybe expected within weeks rather than years
  • Interoperability with other H323 IP Telephony devices
  • Multiple solution offering e.g. Analogue & digital gateways, USB & Softphone
  • PBX Independent

Still not sure if this is suitable for your company ?

1. Do you have multiple sites communicating via PSTN ?
2. Do you communicate with overseas sites via PSTN ?
3. Do you have home workers/road warriors ?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the 3 questions above then continue.....

4. Do these sites have Data/IP Connectivity, i.e. e-mail, using ADSL, Frame Relay, Leased Line, Fibre ?

If 'Yes' to 4, you have the opportunity to reduce your operating costs ! 

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