is a revolutionary logistics solution, that has been specifically designed to solve the problems associated with both management of mobile vehicle fleets and field based personnel.

The solution is unique, flexible and can be easily modified to meet almost any requirement without the cost restrictions usually associated with off-the-shelf products or in developing bespoke solutions.

The award-winning, innovative solution allows the customer to select from a menu of options that range from basic vehicle tracking to comprehensive task and service level management.

On the road, the "touch screen" driver interface offers a high level of driver acceptance and has been developed with simplicity and safe operation in mind. The rugged, robust provides remote control of a driver(s) telephone, messaging, navigation and task management system with minimal training requirements.

In the office, the windows-based application monitors vehicle(s) location, progress and activity in real time, provides comprehensive real time and historic fleet/driver management and interfaces directly with existing job management packages.

We offer standard solutions for the following vertical markets, the list is continuously growing:

- Transport and Logistics
- High Value Loads
- Cash in-Transit
- Plant Security
- Construction
- Plan Hire

- Field Engineer Management
- Lone Worker Protection
- Emergency Services
- Vehicle Rental
- Utilities

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