Whether your system consists of two computers that require networking with shared internet access, a printer needing to be placed onto a current network installation, or a complete local area and wide area network integrated solution, Add Technology is the company to consult.

Sometimes direct cabling is just simply not possible, or too inflexible and expensive. With our partners we can also offer a complete mobile/wireless network providing you with the advantage of being able to connect to the network without wires. Your requirement may consist of networking two separate buildings, where traditional cabling cannot be achieved. However, by using technologies such as satellite, a network connection is possible.

Together with our partners we can offer a complete networking service for:

  • LANs
  • WANs
  • Mobiles/Wireless
  • VPNs
  • Satellite
  • Cabling

and more importantly we can advise on how to get more out of your network and increase your return on investment. 

*For example have you ever considered running:

Voice Over IP over your existing network to reduce your call costs. 

CCTV over your existing network to reduce your ISDN costs.

Video Conferencing over your network to reduce your ISDN, travelling and time costs.

(*these solutions are subject to minimum  bandwidth requirements)



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