Internet access for your business can be a tough decision, particularly when faced with providing secure access for all your PCs. We can ease the burden of these tough decisions by helping you assess your requirements and providing a solution that's right for your business.

As part of our solution we can provide proxy servers and firewalls to give you optimum secure Internet access across your business. Specialist items such as proxy servers and firewalls need not be costly as we recognise these items have to suit your individual requirements.

Proxy servers or Internet Sharing can save money on communications costs, protect your network from hackers, give you control over who uses the Internet and when, and generally assist you in network administration.

By routing all of your Internet traffic through a single point, you can take control of Internet activity. Users may be allowed or prevented from accessing the Internet all of the time or during specific periods. 

Optimising the use of a single Internet connection makes good sense. If you have multiple Internet users in your business, with multiple points of access, there may be hidden costs, such as Internet Service Provider (ISP) fees, charges for email accounts and possibly call charges depending on where you live. Internet connections may be costing you more than you think. Internet Sharing software/hardware can save you money.

Firewalls can come in a mixture of either software or hardware based solution. Whichever solution you choose, if you are responsible for a private network that is connected to a public network you need firewall protection. Furthermore, anyone who connects so much as a single computer to the Internet via modem should have personal firewall software. Many dial-up Internet users believe that anonymity will protect them. They feel that no malicious intruder would be motivated to break into their computer. Dial-up users who have been victims of malicious attacks and who have lost days of work, perhaps having to reinstall their operating system, know that this is not true. Irresponsible pranksters can use automated robots to scan random IP addresses and attack whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Whether your requirement is to provide Internet access to all your PCs one step at a time using your existing Internet provider, installing broadband, or a leased line line connection, we can assist by advising the right solution that fits your requirements as well as delivering the installation, configuration and training required to get the best out of your connection.




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