File, Print and Authentication
Integrating Unix and Windows® environments needn't be difficult. If you are still manually transferring files from Unix to Windows using file transfer programs such as ftp, then you should think to using our integration solution. We can provide access to your Unix files from a Windows "Network Neighborhood" without causing a stir. Windows users can happily access file and print services without knowing or caring that those services are being offered by a Unix host. The main aspects of the integration are:

  • File & print services 
  • Authentication and Authorization 
  • Name resolution 
  • Service announcement (browsing)

You may currently be printing reports from your Unix system, only to re-key the data back into a spreadsheet. With our integration solution, you could be able to print the output to a file on your PC, ready to import into your spreadsheet !

Terminal Emulation
If you are already using a terminal emulator, you'll probably know how expensive they can be, and sometimes some operations are not not compatible with the terminal emulator. We can offer a number different emulators to suit your particular Unix application. Having tested may of these emulators ourselves we can assist you in choosing the right emulator at minimum cost. If you are still paying £100 per user license then contact us, as we could provide a solution at significantly less cost.


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