A forms and fonts software solution allows your organisation to save both time and money, by eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed forms and dot matrix/impact printers while providing a professional customised appearance to your system output. Impress your customers by enhancing the appearance and presentation of all of your output (such as letterheads, invoices, Purchase Orders, reports, etc).

While appearance is important, so is your ease of managing the output. Print on plain paper and eliminate costly manual labour for loading, unloading, bursting, collating and alignment problems. Conditional logic to be applied to the output data so that variables in the output file can be used to trigger user-specified actions. You don't need a different form for minor differences in output. For example, a logo can be variable depending on the address found in the "Remit To" data, and companies with branches or subsidiaries often have identical forms throughout, but logos and address fields can  be printed individually for each business unit.

No dedicated hardware is required: the software solution can reside on your Unix or Windows NT machine. You can print text data from any source (Unix, Windows, mainframe, mini, etc) to any PCL or PostScript laser printer. By creating your own forms design changes can be made quickly on any form.


  • User Designed Overlays
    Forms & Fonts can use the PCL or PostScript generated by any application as an overlay. No special forms design packages are required.

  • Control of Fonts
    Supports all printer and soft fonts. Any font data can be accessed in either hardware form or down-loaded to the printer. Specialty fonts like barcodes and graphics fonts are available.

  • Complex Job Instructions
    Print jobs requiring duplexing, collation, multiple part forms, and multiple paper sources (trays) are easily set-up.

  • Forms Overlay
    Any print job requiring pre-printed forms can be run on blank stock. Forms with sequential numbering or other page-to-page changable text are easily handled.

  • Dynamic Overlays
    The overlay used to print can be dynamically changed depending on the data in the print file. Logic commands are supported which add or suppress lines, boxes, color, logos, etc. dependent on the data being printed.

  • Forms Fill
    Overlays with tags indicating the position of data fields are supported. These overlays can be used with many applications to fill in data at the correct position without positioning information.

  • OMR (Optical Mark Recognition)
    Intelligent OMR marks or bar codes can automatically control the functions of mail inserting systems.

  • Bar codes
    Bar codes can be printed, and also calculate and process checksums. Common types of bar code (linear and 2D) are supported.

  • Form sets and copies
    Laser printers are now the optimal replacement for the carbon paper or chemical copies that were needed in the past. Each copy can be designed individually! There is no need for the business application to prepare copies.




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