Reduce your shoe leather wear and tear !
Faxing manually is out of date. Research shows that a professional fax server can save your organisation substantial costs, whilst improving your customer service and image. Our fax server solutions for networks start as small as 5 users to enterprise level.

Fax from any Windows application
No matter which Windows application is used, anything a user creates can be faxed. The user simply prints the document to the fax server printer. Files, for instance a product brochure, can also be attached to the fax. Before sending the fax, users can preview it on screen. A customizable cover page, which includes the company logo and personal signature, can also be added.

Return On Investment
If your organisation is still employing stand-alone fax machines, it's wasting money and is way behind current faxing technology, as well. So, too, if your employees use desktop modems to fax. Fax servers do the job faster, more accurately, and at much lower cost. Will your organisation benefit from automated faxing?

When comparing the average number of minutes it takes an employee to send a fax manually, including printing the document, filling out the cover sheet, walking to and from the printer and fax machine, redialing due to errors and busy signals, waiting for the fax to finish, etc., it may take 10 minutes. Compare this to a networked fax server which may take 1 minute ! On this basis you could see a very quick return on investment, within months !

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