If you have a network or thinking of installing a network, the addition of a local email server enables you to send and receive email from all PCs with just one Internet connection. 

Our email server solution hosts its own POP3 mailboxes for users on your local network and will fetch mail from ISP accounts to put into these mailboxes. Thus, if all the mail for yourdomain.com goes into one ISP POP3 mailbox, for instance, our email server will retrieve it all and distribute it among the appropriate users' mailboxes. Outgoing mail is stored by the email server and then sent when it next connects. 

The mail retrieval operation can be scheduled to occur at specific times and it can be optionally triggered by the action of sending a message with the priority set to urgent. 

Our email server solution has a much lower cost than other equivalent services. Many companies only require a mail server, and want to avoid having mail stored on a remote server. Why? Because every time a user checks for mail, it activates your communications link. If you are using ISDN or a dial-up account, this can get expensive, with the line being kept permanently in use in some cases. 

The solution: Set up a machine with our email server solution on your network, with a modem and an Internet connection. After installation, the email server will call the Internet at regular intervals and collect all your mail. Point your internal mail clients at the machine running our email server and it automatically sorts the mail to the correct user. Our solution can start from as little as 199.00*

Our email server solution is perfect for the small or medium sized business that wants fully integrated email. By controlling email "checks" and collating downloading into one process, our email server solution can provide significant savings on your phone bill.

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