By introducing document management into your company, you not only introduce a mechanism to store and capture documents, but add the following potential benefits:

  • Assist in achieving a paper-less office.

  • Speed up retrieval of documents.

  • Reduce the number of missing documents.

  • Ensure consistency of filing.

  • Reduce the amount of storage space currently required for paper based documents.

  • Reduce the cost of document storage and retrieval by archiving CDs rather than paper. 

  • Speed up query resolution by retrieving to the screen linked documents such as proof of deliveries and invoices.

  • Reduce time taken on payment queries.

  • Provide flexibility in document layout production and re-production.

  • Improve print quality and layout.

  • Provide auto-match on print for documents such as proof of deliveries with invoices.

  • Improve productivity and efficiency of invoice print, statement print, and other print processes.

  • Provide value added services for our customers by enabling secure web access to documents such as proof of deliveries, invoices, statements and reports.

  • Provide easy and secure authorised access to documents across the Wide Area Network.

  • Provide emailing and faxing of stored documents.

  • Improve communication both internally and externally.

  • Improve productivity and efficiency of current mailing process by introducing a mailing system to use OMR.

  • Analyse existing processes, and maximise synergies by means of business process re-engineering.


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Invoice data taken straight from mainframe - with colour overlay. (COLD)          
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