Add Technology is an innovative IT and Communications solutions provider focused on delivering and deploying efficient business solutions, enhancing our customers' IT infrastructure, and allowing them to see real returns on investment.

Add Technology has over 30 years of experience within system analysis, system design, business processes development, project management, implementation and support. We feel that understanding how our customers work is crucial to designing a solution that could revolutionise the way they work in the future.

Our key strengths include the ability to listen, understand, and translate our customers' requirements, and respond at a level our customers can understand. We have a strong business-oriented approach and consulting style, unlike many other IT solution providers who are often labelled "too techie" or "PC box shifter". With such a corporate and customer focused approach, we look to forge long term working partnerships with our customers.

Mixed environment enterprises are still relatively common, however the ability for a solution provider to be able to service both Unix and Windows type environments, by comparison to Windows only environments, are relatively difficult to find. Moreover the ability to understand and integrate these two environments is seen as a key strength within any solution provider.

We consider Add Technology to have this strength and position ourselves as a specialist IT solution provider. We have concentrated our core products around those that can add a real return on investment, such as document management, workflow and print out management. This provides Add Technology with a unique strategy, in being able to offer solutions based upon business oriented processes, rather than just providing a "box shifter" type solutions. Of course Add Technology can provide these sorts of solutions as well, to give a complete "one-stop shop" if required. However we prefer to use our experience and expertise in providing solutions that add real value and answer the all-important return on investment and payback questions. Our ability to diagnose, identify synergies and re-engineer typical workflows has enabled us to highlight possible returns in investment far more easily,  and thus position Add Technology strongly within the market place.

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Add Technology Ltd.

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